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The Cinema LUTS Pack

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The Foundation Preset Pack consists of essentially two presets and custom tools that showcase a foundation for building out your own potential aesthetic. This package includes an in-depth video tutorial of how these “Clean” and “Matte” presets bring your work to the next level. This isn't a one click preset but a beginning point for your work to evolve. This tutorial walks through the editing process using each preset and teaches you what changes are made throughout the Lightroom adjustments, while also explaining the custom tools and modifiers within each preset. The whole purpose of the Foundation Pack is to teach others how to edit and build a foundation for their own work, hence the "base" of what they do. It's essential to understand the tools, sliders, graphs, etc., of Lightroom to then understand exactly what "presets" even are. With the visual walkthrough and steps to using these presets, each creative will have a better understanding of what they already know or is completely new to them. This workshop is the right step in the direction in building out your cinematic approach to further your work. It’s time for you to create your own aesthetic and showcase that.