18 must-have apps for productivity, learning and health

We get asked a lot about how we manage our time and projects, how we stay creative and healthy and how we are able to do it all with relative ease.

Well to be honest it's not always easy, but you can make everything easier for yourself by making use of tools like apps that are designed to help you be more productive, more creative, more healthy and just overall make your life easier.


In this post we will talk specifically about various app’s we use weekly if not daily. Some of them help to make our lives easier by saving us time, others are for fun and entertainment that help us let go.

Our 17 must-have apps are grouped in four categories: lifehack apps, productivity & time management apps, learning & fun apps, and health apps. 

We live in a time where we have almost unlimited access to tools and resources but we also have unlimited access to every distraction you can imagine. We get asked a lot about how we manage our time and projects, how we stay creative and healthy and how we are able to do it all with relative ease.

Happiness inspires productivity

Lifehack Apps

As you can imagine, doing what we do we shoot a lot of content. As we want to provide the best quality for your guys, those files are usually pretty heavy. So when we need to send any material to companies, brands or Elliot, we always use Wetransfer. We just upload the files on there and the other party receives a link for download.

  • - platform that helps to send money in different currencies to different countries.

We feel so lucky to be able to work with a team of amazing professionals. And as for any job people should be rewarded for their hard work. Every month via transferwise we send out payments to everybody we have worked with. We also use it to pay commission to all of you guys, who have joined our affiliate program

  • Fiverr - this app we use to get little digital jobs done.

This a platform for freelancers who are experts in business and marketing: copywriters, graphic designers, web developers, translators, editors and many more. It is very helpful when you need help with one specific thing and it’s just not worth hiring a full-time or a part-time employee for it. You can go to Fiverr and find an expert who get the job done for you within a couple of days.

We use those two platforms for payments and withdrawals in foreign countries. They have very minimal bank commissions and work pretty much in every country.

Productivity and time management apps

  • Google Calendar

We prefer this calendar to the iPhone one because it gives a more clear overview of the events that we have planned for this month. We love the grid layout of Google Calendar and that we can customize it with different colors for an easier view.

  • Google Docs - helps us to store all our documents online.

This is a great tool especially if you are working in one document with a few different people. And since most of the people we work with are also located all over the world, this has been a lifesaver. We can just share access between all of us and easily work in one file and have access to all other documents. 

  • Wundelist that has recently become Microsoft To Do - to-do list, reminders.

We try to plan all of our work days. In the morning we sit down and discuss what we want to achieve that day. We use Wunderlist to prioritise and to divide tasks in groups, if we need to we can also set reminders and deadlines. This app has genuinely made our lives so much easier. 

  • Monday - this tool helps us to have a clear overview on all the projects we and our team are currently working on. 

We can customize the dashboard by dividing it into sections for various projects. Use different statuses for updates, assign tasks to people, enter notes and comments, set deadlines, and so much more. This way we can make sure we stay on top of everything we are working on.

  • Toggl - time tracking app.

We use it when we want to increase our productivity and make sure we stay focused on one particular task. Let’s say we were to set a goal to reply to your comments on Instagram for 2 hours a day. Then every time we would do it we would time ourselves to make sure we reach this goal. 


If you are already using a lot of tools from Google, we guarantee you will like Google suite (previously Google Apps for Business). Basically it is a cloud with all the features from Google's - from Gmail to Google Doc to Google Hangouts. It is especially useful if you run your business online and have employees that work remotely from different parts of the globe. This way you can make sure that all of you have access to company’s data and files. 

Entertainment, learning & fun apps

  • Medium - website that curates articles for you based on what you like. 

Every morning Marie likes to spend 15-20 minutes reading either a book or an article. And if it is an article than for sure she will be reading it on Medium. Marie has been using it for so long that the app knows exactly what kind of content she is interested in, so she doesn't have to search for it. It makes reading so easy and saves a lot of time, which is crucial for us, especially in the morning. 

  • Memrise - language learning platform.

Jake has been using it to study German. This app has lots of video lessons from native speakers and they use cards to help you memorise new words.

  • Leo - dictionary

Marie’s English is very good but in times when she can’t remember a word she will quickly translate it from German via this app. Just something that is handy to have on your phone, especially if you are in an international environment a lot.

We have mentioned Audible in our blog post 15 books to read for personal growth and you all seemed to like it as well. In the situations when you can't be reading a physical book, such as cooking or driving, audio books are a great solution. A lot of times the author will read a book himself and we find it so much more personal this way. Audible has a free trial, so if you haven't used it yet you might want to give it a go. 

  • TikTok - social media where people share short videos

TikTok has become very popular in the past year and we have been loving to play with it. We upload loads of snippets from our travels there. Some of them are more cinematic and some are just us goofing around. We also love to watch other creators on there. Just make sure to not lose a track of time while you are there. That has definitely happened to us a few times. 

  • Spotify - Our go-to app for music and podcasts. A premium spotify account is a must and a really good price to have unlimited podcasts and music. 

We found this very helpful in showing us how we are really performing internally and it gives us insights that we cant feel.

Health apps

If you are trying to get into meditation Headspace is a great tool to help with that. It has guided meditations for as little as 3 minutes per day. We know that a lot of people struggle with sitting still for a longer period of time but everything comes with practice. You can start with 3 minutes and slowly build it up from there. You can also track your sleep cycle and practice mindfulness. To help people in isolation they have increased their free trial to 14 days. 

We use it to make sure we are getting proper nutrition being on a plant-based diet. As the name suggests, we track 12 items that are supposed to be consumed daily. Ten are food items, one is a beverage and last one is an exercise. 

  • Whoop - sleep tracker & heart rate tracker.

It can measure stress levels and how good your sleep is. It will also show you your every day recovery, if you need more sleep and things like that. We found this very helpful in showing us how we are really performing internally and it gives us insights that we cant feel.


So here they are. The 18 apps we are using to help us save time, achieve our goals, take care of our health and wellbeing and to have some fun as well.

Let us know below what are the most used apps on your phone and which ones are your must-haves! Is there anything we have missed? We are always searching for new tools to add to our toolbox ☺